CoolSculpting Info

Among the various methods of losing weight the most popular are those that do not involve surgical intervention and effort.

Hardware cosmetology offers a wide range of such procedures, for example, cryolipolysis.

What it is, the broad masses learned quite recently, but many have already had time to use this technique.

Coolsculpting is the effect on the fat tissue by cold. As a result, cells are destroyed and removed from the body.

The effect of the procedure is not instantaneous, but resistant.

Principle of operation and features of the procedure.

Treat Patients To A Better Body

Coolsculpting is based on such a property of body tissue as resistance to cold. For example, the epidermis, which has a protective function, can easily tolerate it.

Fat tissue, designed to accumulate useful substances, is deep in the body and can not adapt to the cold.

During the cryoliposuction, the fatty layer is cooled for a long time to a certain temperature. It is regulated depending on the desired effect and the amount of fat, but always below body temperature and above 0oC (most often 5oC).

The fat cells consist mainly of triglycerides, which, under excessive cooling, crystallize. As a result, the ATP-nucleotide concentration decreases, which plays an important role in metabolic processes.

After that the metabolism is broken, and in the tissues the process of apoptosis is launched. This is a controlled slow cell disruption in a natural way.

Within 2-4 months, their fragments are gradually eliminated from the body by phagocytes with lymph and blood streams.

In this cryolipolysis is similar to cavitation, but losing weight by cold is considered preferable, since in this case there is no one-time release of toxic substances that accumulate in the liver, causing its damage.

Unlike cryodestruction (treatment with liquid nitrogen), cryolipolysis is not accompanied by an inflammatory process in the treated tissues.

Non-surgical, Safe, And Effective

An important feature of cryoliposuction is also that the reduction in fatty layer occurs due to its physical destruction, and not because of the reduction in the volume of individual cells, as occurs with other methods of losing weight. Therefore, the probability of returning fat is extremely low.

Apparatus for the procedure

The principle of cold liposculpturing was first realized in 2008 in the apparatus for cryolipolysis CoolSculpting firm Zeltiq Aesthetics (USA) with the participation of the discoverers of the method – Harvard scientists. At present, there are many analogues of the original device (eg HeliosCryo +), however CoolSculpting remains the most popular.

The impact on the body is carried out using a special attachment-manipulator. Inside it using a vacuum sucked fat fold, then fed a cold wave. In order to prevent frostbite, a protective coating is applied to the inside of the nozzle.

For cryolipolysis, various applicators are used on the Zeltiq apparatus, each of which has its own characteristics.

The newest development of Zeltiq is the CoolSmooth applicator. It is a plate of 3 independently fixed surfaces. The nozzle fits tightly to the body without exposing it to vacuum, and does not leave side effects in the form of hematoma and hyperpigmentation.

Indications and correction zones

Cryolipolysis is indicated in case of obesity of the following types:

  • alimentary-constitutional (the reason: an inactive way of life, intemperance in eating);
  • hypothalamic (the reason: disturbances in the digestive system due to damage to the hypothalamus);
  • mental (the reason: uncontrolled intake of food because of mental disorders or against the background of taking psychotropic drugs);
  • endocrinological (cause: disruption in the endocrine system). Most often, the stomach, sides, ears, buttocks, and thighs (“riding breeches”) are subjected to cold treatment. Also, the correction is carried out on the back, hands and separate zones of the hips and abdomen (waist, the area above the knees, etc.).

How is the procedure performed?

Cryolipolysis takes place in several stages:

  1. Preliminary measurement of the area of exposure and its marking with a marker;
  2. Application of a conductor (propylene glycol) or wrapping of the corrected zone by means of a film;
  3. Exposure through the device. Simultaneously with cooling, vibro-massage is performed in order to prevent circulatory disturbance;
  4. Removing the nozzle and removing the remnants of the conductor.

The procedure is positioned as absolutely painless, however a strong capture of tissue can bring unpleasant pressures. They are quite tolerant, especially since the session lasts about 60 minutes.

Reshape The Contours Of The Body

After 1 procedure, the destruction of 20-25% of adipose tissue occurs, therefore, to achieve 100% of the result, it is recommended to hold 3-4 sessions with a difference of 1 month.

After a break in 4 months, the course can be repeated. The effect of Coolsculpting begins to appear after several weeks and is finally formed after the completion of apoptosis of cells, after 2-4 months.

During this time, the volume decreases by 3-5 cm. During apoptosis, it is recommended to keep an active lifestyle and observe food restrictions.

Many people notice that if you follow these recommendations for a long time, you can lose weight without cryoliposuction.

However, cosmetologists insist that these restrictions do not mean adherence to a strict diet and intense exercise, and their non-compliance will lead to the formation of a new adipose tissue, which will hide the effect of the procedure. Contraindications to carrying out cryolipolysis and possible complications

The main contraindications to the procedure:

  • pathological obesity;
  • infectious and inflammatory lesions of the skin in the place of application of the applicator;
  • Raynaud’s syndrome;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • presence of an electrocardiostimulator;
  • neoplasms in the field of influence;
  • scars, hernia, recent surgical intervention and open wounds at the site of correction.

It should be noted that the main contraindication is the pathological reaction of the organism to the cold. Inattention to this can lead to severe consequences in the form of shock, loss of consciousness, cold allergy and, as a consequence, anaphylactic shock.

In rare cases, it is possible to develop paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. Local adverse reactions that do not require treatment and go on their own for 1 month:

  • hematomas;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • numbness.
The advantages and disadvantages of the method

Cryolipolysis surpasses other methods of losing weight in the following moments:

  • painlessness;
  • no need for anesthesia;
  • does not require surgical intervention;
  • does not require rehabilitation;
  • the possibility of “local” weight loss;
  • the basis is the most natural process.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • high cost;
  • not immediate result;

Despite the high cost, hardware weight loss is gaining popularity due to the effectiveness of methods and quick results.

Cryoliposuction is one of the really effective ways to lose weight effortlessly. Subject to compliance with postprocedural recommendations, the result will be guaranteed to be expressed and persistent.

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