CoolSculpting Reviews

Cryolipolysis, or cryoliposuction, is a hardware method of affecting the fat tissue of the cold in order to eliminate local fat deposits.

This method of cosmetology was developed by American scientists Manshtin and Anderson, who found that fat cells are weakly resistant to cold in the temperature range from -1 to -5 ° C.

The procedure for liposuction was called CoolSculpting. To implement this method of liposuction, a device was developed called ZeltiqWhat happens under the influence of cold?

The cold effect, which the device of cryolipolysis Zeltiq renders, starts the process of natural splitting (apoptosis) of fat cells and they:

Cryolipolysis Is A Nonsurgical Alternative To Liposuction

  • first break up into fragments;
  • then without pain, is removed from the body by the natural way with the current of the lymph.

The procedure is characterized by a prolonged (long-term) effect., used today throughout the world in beauty clinics and leading institutes.

More than 1 million such procedures have already been carried out in the world.

How does the cryotherapy apparatus work:

  1. the special attachment of the device captures the fat fold, creates a vacuum;
  2. within an hour, these cold cells (sighting) are exposed to cold.

Important: the cold exerts an impact on the fat tissue, and the nerve endings, blood vessels and healthy cells of the body to this effect are insensitive.


Patients resort to the cryolipolysis procedure in order to:

  • locally lose weight and eliminate problem areas on the body. This allows you to adjust the shape and simulate the silhouette;
  • get rid of cellulite (“orange peel”). In this case, cryolipolysis needs to be combined with ozonotherapy and carboxytherapy;

Liposuction zones

The CoolSculpting Procedure Is FDA-cleared For The Treatment Of Visible Fat Bulges

In general, 25 zones are distinguished, where correction of the subcutaneous fat layer by means of liposuction is possible.

Cryolipolysis is characterized by the possibility of local adjustment of body volumes, that is, it allows you to eliminate excess fat only where it is necessary:

  • belly;
  • sides;
  • hips (back, side and front surface);
  • buttocks;
  • Knees (for more details read “Liposuction of the knees”);
  • Shoulders (the inner surface of the hands);
  • back.

How to remove fat from the stomach?

Non-surgical liposuction of the abdomen with the help of cold exposure is one of the most popular directions of this procedure. With a single session of сoolsculpting of the abdomen, the fat layer is reduced by 20-25%. This effect lasts for two to three months.

Cryolipolysis procedure: advantages

The main advantages of this method are:

  • start the process of removing excess fat after the first session;
  • non-invasiveness, that is, there is no violation of the natural external barriers of the human body (skin, mucous membranes);
  • painlessness;
  • safety and accuracy of impact: internal organs are not affected, there is no effect on the nervous system, blood circulation, etc .;
  • absence of sagging skin and stretch marks after the procedure: the destruction and withdrawal of fat cells occur gradually, because the skin does not lose its elasticity;
  • minimum of contraindications;
  • the opportunity to immediately return to the usual way of life, while with traditional operating liposuction for rehabilitation will take several days.

Before cryolipolysis

The procedure is only possible in the absence of contraindications. To check this, the doctor conducts a detailed conversation with the person who turned to the clinic.

If there is no reason to refuse liposuction, then the exact establishment of the zones where the effect will be performed will be carried out.

Also, the doctor takes photographs and measurements of the thickness of fat folds in established areas, so that in 1.5-2 months (time to form the final effect of liposuction), one could be convinced of the effectiveness of the method.


  1. The patient is lying on the couch. The site of future exposure to the body is treated with a special sliding gel or covered with a film.
  2. Then a nozzle (maniple) is placed on this zone. There are several baits for best impact on a specific area.
    With the help of vacuum, the fat folds are sucked into the nozzle, where the fat is between two cooling plates.
  3. In this case, the device itself selects the optimum negative temperature for the corrected zone.
  4. Now we need to wait for the allotted time, namely 60 minutes.
  5. After an hour, the maniple is removed, the gel or film is removed. You can continue the usual way of life without restrictions.
  6. Sensations during the procedure are cold, slight tingling or numbness, which, depending on the sensitivity of the patient, soon ceases to be noticeable.

How many procedures are needed?

Cryolipolysis is used for removing certain areas of body fat

The number of sessions is selected individually, taking into account the patient’s initial skin condition, total body weight, and the area to be adjusted.

As a rule, cryolipolysis is performed by a course of 3 to 8 procedures. Between sessions, time intervals of 5-7 days are made, during which the doctor recommends the patient the necessary drinking regimen, as well as the diet.

The combination of the method with lymphatic drainage massage, mesotherapy and vibro-massage exercises gives excellent, more pronounced results. The course of cryolipolysis can be repeated no earlier than 4 months later.

Despite the fact that the initial result is observed after only one procedure, the maximum effect from сoolsculpting is manifested after one and a half to two months: this is what is needed for the gradual, natural recovery of the destroyed fat cells from the body.

Side effects

Possible side effects are temporary and are presented:

  • local redness of the skin;
  • small superficial hematomas;
  • numbness and decreased sensitivity of the skin.
  • All this is done by yourself no later than 1 month.

Cryolipolysis: contraindications

Despite the fact that the list of absolute contraindications is small, they still exist.

There are:

  1. acute reactions to cold (cold urticaria, panniculitis, etc.);
  2. circulatory disorders in the affected area (poor coagulation, thrombosis, etc.);
  3. excess obesity;
  4. taking anticoagulants;
  5. pregnancy and lactation;
  6. diabetes;
  7. general inflammatory processes;
  8. Raynaud’s disease;
  9. skin accentuated diseases, trauma, bleeding at the site of the intended impact;
  10. presence of a pacemaker;
  11. hernia in the area of the intended effect.

Anne, Milwaukee, WI: For me, coolsculpting proved to be quite effective, left side and part of the fat from the back. With the stomach is a little worse, I hope to improve the result after the second procedure.

Donna, Greenville, SC: After the birth of the second child, I gained weight significantly. In the mirror, it was sad to look: the stomach became large, the hips blurred. Before that, I was never complete, so it was terribly unpleasant for me to become like that. On the advice of her friend decided on cryolipolysis. The procedure made me happy again. All my friends asked what diet I was on. It’s so nice, again to feel sexy and slim.

Lori, Ventura, CA: A month ago my cryolipolysis course on the Zeltik device was over. And the result is incredible – I became smaller by one size!

I can not believe that this is not the final result and will be even better. I am very satisfied and look forward to further transformations.

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