Cryolipolysis is a modern high-tech procedure for correcting the figure and eliminating fat deposits without surgery. The procedure is also often called CoolSculpting.

To have a cryolipolysis apparatus is considered compulsory for any prestigious salon or medical center, which especially emphasize their concern for the beauty and health of customers.

It is necessary to use the moment, as many salons offer special discounts, hold promotions to acquaint potential customers with a novelty.


The method is based on a different degree of resistance of cells to low temperatures.

A Medical Treatment Used To Destroy Fat Cells By Freezing

These differences are due to the properties of the cells that make up the tissues, the different rates of blood supply, metabolism, and oxygen consumption by cells.

Cells of subcutaneous fat were created in order to accumulate nutrients, there are no protective mechanisms against the effects of cold, as a certain temperature is constantly maintained inside the body.

If you significantly cool the adipose tissue, then the cells of the subcutaneous fat cells are irreversibly damaged, gradually die and dissolve. Technically, it is implemented as follows. The nozzle for the device has a special notch, where the fold of the skin and subcutaneous fat is absorbed by the created vacuum.

On both sides, cooling elements approach the skin, which reduce the tissue temperature to -5 ° C.

The Controlled Application Of Cooling

It is at this temperature that the cells of subcutaneous adipose tissue are damaged. The cooling of one area is carried out for an hour.

Splitting fat under the influence of cold after the procedure occurs gradually, for 2-4 months. You will see the first results after 2-4 weeks.

Such a small speed gives cryoliposuction a number of advantages over other ways of getting rid of fat:

  • the low rate of death of fat cells does not disturb the vital functions of the body, therefore it does not lead to a disturbance of health;
  • the gradual resorption of adipose tissue allows the blood and lymphatic system to cope with the removal of toxic products that are formed after the death of cells, so there is no intoxication of the body, there is no need for additional procedures such as lymph drainage massage and others;
  • there is an insignificant redistribution of adipose tissue in the area of carrying out cryolipolysis, therefore, no depressions are formed at the site of impact, the entire area, for example, the whole fold on the side, or the degree of convexity of the abdomen will decrease evenly.


Dr. Landon Pryor, MD, FACS, Rockford Plastic Surgeon – 40 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting

ZELTIQ Aesthetics company was founded in 2005. A young company immediately identified as its priority the development of such cosmetic techniques, which will not be analogous.

Based on the research of specialists from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, the company in 2009 created the technology and CoolSculpting equipment for carrying out cryolipolysis.

Obtaining patents on the methodology, carrying out the necessary clinical trials allowed Zeltiq to obtain FDA approval in the United States. Numerous studies have shown that Zeltyq’s cryolipolysis is more effective than other hardware procedures by an average of 22%.

Areas for Coolsculpting

30 Year Old Man Treated With CoolSculpting By Dr Andrew T. Lyos, MD, FACS, Houston Plastic Surgeon

This device has two manipulators large and small. A large nozzle is used to remove subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, waist, sides. If the fatty deposits are pronounced and the skin is well taken in the fold, then with the help of a large manipula in 1 procedure can process 2-2.5 zones.

A small nozzle is used to remove thin folds of fat, and in hard-to-reach places such as back, hands, inner thighs, shins. It is easy to adjust such problem areas as fatty ridges over the knees, the area “riding breeches”, buttocks, shoulders.



31 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting By Doctor Joseph E. Mark, MD, Rochester Plastic Surgeon

  • the technology is based on a simple biological phenomenon, the technique is designed in such a way as to have minimal impact on the body;
  • removal of unwanted fat deposits occurs without surgery, so there is no harmful effect on the body of drugs, including for anesthesia, there is no risk of infection, there are no scarring at the site of surgical sutures, there is no need to wear special compression underwear;
  • the technique allows to solve different problems of the client: one will have enough to lose several phounds, others need to “polish” the body shape where sports and massage are powerless;
  • the dream of all women: the technique allows you to lose weight locally, i.e. only on the abdomen or only on the hips, whereas all methods prior to cryoliposuction assumed weight loss and a decrease in volume uniform throughout the body, i.e. and breasts too;
  • usually 3-4 procedures are necessary for 1 hour to get a noticeable result in 3 months, because the procedure is ideal for busy people;
  • there is no time-binding procedure for the season of the year.


23 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting With Doctor Tianna Tsitsis, MD, Mount Vernon Physician

  • the result is not instantaneous;
  • there are contraindications and consequences.


Alimentary-constitutional obesity.

This kind of obesity develops in people whose habits, which they have adopted from parents and close associates, contribute to a constant weight gain. This is a habitual sedentary lifestyle, dislike for sports, frequent meals, large portions, a passion for high-calorie sweet desserts.

Obesity by hypothalamic type.

27 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting By Doctor Hadley Claire King, MD, New York Dermatologist

If the structure of the brain is damaged as the hypothalamus, the work of the nerve center responsible for food behavior occurs. Thus the person starts to eat much more, than it is necessary for satisfaction of the requirements for nutrients and energy. Excess is deposited in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Obesity as a symptom of endocrine diseases.

In case of abnormalities in the glands of internal secretion, the intensity of metabolism changes, so weight can grow even if a low-calorie diet is observed. Obesity in mental illness.

Uncontrolled eating behavior can be both a symptom of a mental illness, and the result of taking a number of drugs for treatment in the practice of psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

In the first case, with alimentary-constitutional obesity, cryolipolysis can be used as an independent procedure, and can be combined with diet and exercise. In other cases, cryolipolysis should be used in conjunction with drug treatment of the underlying disease that caused obesity.


21 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting By Dr George Bitar, MD, Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

  • pronounced obesity;
  • a pathological reaction of the body to the cold, which can manifest itself in such conditions as paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cold urticaria;
  • Raynaud’s syndrome or fever;
  • period of pregnancy;
  • presence of scars, wounds, skin diseases at the site of the proposed procedure;
  • presence of an electrocardiostimulator.


Before beginning obligatory is a medical consultation for the presence or absence of contraindications. It is better to take an interesting book or laptop with you, because the procedure is long, especially if several areas are to be processed sequentially.

How is Coolsculpting performed?

Doctor Jeremy Pyle, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon – 26 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting

  • The client sits down on the cosmetology couch.
  • A special gel or film is applied to the skin at the site of the intended treatment.
  • This place is superimposed with a manipula that draws in itself a fold of the skin.
  • Cooling begins, which lasts about an hour. At the very beginning of the procedure, the patient may feel a slight cold at the location of the nozzle, then this sensation disappears. Simultaneously with cooling, vibromassage starts, which helps maintain normal blood circulation in the skin. During the procedure, you can doze off, read or work, if you have a laptop with you. The duration of the procedure for one zone is 60 minutes. If several regions are processed in sequence, then, accordingly, the elapsed time will be longer.
  • After the end, the nozzle is removed from the skin, the film or gel remnants are removed. The client can continue his normal life without restrictions.


Dr. Landon Pryor, MD, FACS, Rockford Plastic Surgeon – 47 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting

  1. a feeling of cold during the procedure, a slight soreness in the area of the stretched skin fold;
  2. bruises at the location of the manipula as a reaction of the circulatory system to the sucking action of the vacuum;
  3. feeling of numbness and redness of the skin immediately after the procedure in response to the action of cold.

The duration of effect

At the site of exposure, 25 to 50% of all fat cells are destroyed. The thickness of the fat fold decreases by 3-5 cm. In the future, these cells are not replaced with new ones, because the effect of the procedure is stable.

How to enhance the effect of Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is designed in such a way that the patient does not have indications for additional procedures in the recovery period. But they are not contraindicated. On the contrary, the combination of several differently directed procedures will enhance the effect of weight loss and local correction of the body shape. Ultrasonic cavitation, mesotherapy of the body and radio wave lifting are optimally combined with cryolipolysis.

45 Year Old Man Treated With CoolSculpting With Doctor Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Ultrasonic cavitation affects the more superficial layers of subcutaneous fat, which contributes to a significant reduction in visible manifestations of cellulite.

Radio-lifting helps to smooth and reduce the skin, which is an excellent prevention of sagging. Mesotherapy improves the condition and appearance of the skin. All side effects do not require treatment and pass by themselves.

This combination of procedures allows you to get a dream body shape from both glossy magazine covers, only without any Photoshop.

If you do so many procedures at once, it is not part of your plans, then you can do lymphatic drainage of the body 2-3 days after cryolipolysis, or endermological lipolysis of LPG.

This combination of procedures will significantly accelerate the onset of the effect of coolsculpting due to increased blood circulation and lymph flow. Cryotherapy during the whole time of destruction of damaged fat cells (3-4 months) perfectly combines ultrasound therapy, massage, ozone therapy.


Doctor John J. O’Brien, Jr., MD, Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon – 48 Year Old Woman Treated With CoolSculpting

How often can cryolipolysis be done?

For one course, 3-4 procedures are performed at intervals of 1 month. Courses can be repeated no earlier than 4 months.

Is it suitable for losing weight?

Yes, of course. It should be noted that cryolipolysis allows you to remove fat where it is not needed, and to save volumes where it is important. By removing the cells damaged by cold, the weight will decrease.

Is cavitation better?

Cryolipolysis has no analogues either by technology, or by the softness of the effect on the body. This is a new word in aesthetic cosmetology.

is Cryolipolysis dangerous?

There are some contraindications that need to be considered. And there are unintended side effects, such as bruising or redness of the skin at the site of exposure. In the rest it is absolutely safe.

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