Coolsculpting Armpit Fat Before And After

Today, cryolipolysis is becoming more popular, especially in Europe and the United States. Already about 1 000 000 procedures have been carried out. The method was invented by Harvard scientists in 2008.Although the method was carried out in the Zeltiq Coolsculpting device, studies on the effect of low temperatures on human tissues began only in the 20th century.

Coolsculpting for armpit fat is an innovative cosmetic procedure. As a result of exposure to cold, the amount of fat deposits decreases. Most of the world’s beauticians say without doubt that this method of correction can be called “innovative.” So what is the essence of and why cryolipolysis is so effective as a method of non-surgical liposuction. The cells of the body react to the effects of cold to varying degrees.

For example, our skin is resistant to cold and easily transfers it, while quickly regenerating. At the same time, fat cells do not have such protection, which leads to loss of excess fat from the body under the action of cryolipolysis. It is also important that, when applying the method, adipose cells die naturally through “apoptosis.” At the same time, there are no inflammatory reactions, because the decomposition products do not enter the bloodstream.

Principle of Coolsculpting treatment

  • subcutaneous fat
  • freezing of fat cells
  • dead fat cells are derived by an esthetic way
  • guaranteed result.

Advantages of cryolipolysis for armit fat:

The non-surgical method, thanks to which the body does not have harmful effects, while there are no scars and the risk of infection. The procedure works locally, which allows you to get rid of excess fats in hard-to-reach places, the so-called “fat traps” (the second chin, the inner thighs, the lower abdomen, knees).

There is no need for a large number of procedures, one enough to achieve a visible result.

With this method, you can remove adipose tissue in designated places, while not affecting other parts of the body.

Most patients perfectly tolerate the procedure, with virtually no side effects.

The duration of the procedure is about an hour, the patient is provided with comfortable conditions. At the beginning of the procedure, the patient may feel some cool effect, but soon you get used to it and discomfort disappears.

The fat fold draws into the applicator by means of vacuum. There is cooling itself. The patient can watch TV, read a book or sleep during the procedure.

How is the procedure performed?

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a high-tech and safe, so do not be afraid of hypothermia. The optimum temperature and degree of skin draws is automatically adjusted by the device. The method is safe, for any deviation from the norm is an automatic disconnection of the equipment.

The fat tissue begins to break down after the procedure. Usually it lasts 3-4 months. However, the first changes are visible after 2-3 weeks.

Cryo Fat Loss For Armpit Fat

If there is a need for a repeat procedure, it is better to repeat it after 8 weeks. But even one procedure is enough to reduce body fat by 30-50%. The results are pronounced long-term, due to the fact that fatty tissue is not replaced by a new one.


  • CoolCurve + is used on the sides, creating a delicate waistline. And also in the zone of the shoulder blades on the back.
  • CoolCore nozzle is applied to small and medium creases on the abdomen. Possible use on the hips.
  • CoolMax nozzle that corrects the shape of the abdomen and back.
  • CoolMini is used for problematic and inaccessible zones: the second chin, knees, armpits, hands.


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It can be said that the coolsculpting by Zeltiq is leading in the fight against unwanted subcutaneous fat. This is due to the high efficiency of the procedure and the absence of side effects.

Contraindications will be in case of hypersensitivity to cold, Reynaud’s syndrome and cryoglobulenemia. Also, the procedure will have limitations for pregnant women, women during lactation and people who have recently been injured by any kind of skin involvement.

Cryolipolysis is the best technique that will suit those wishing to get in perfect shape, without exposing the body to the risk associated with surgical intervention.

Coolsculpting is an effective technique for those who want to make their figure ideal in comfortable conditions, without exposing themselves to the risk associated with surgical interventions.

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