Coolsculpting Under Arms Before And After

Cryolipolysis under arms is a non-invasive hardware method of local exposure to adipose tissue with moderately low temperatures.

It is used to remove local fat deposits (non-surgical liposuction on the abdomen, sides, hips, chin, underarms, above and below the knees) and reduce body volume.


The doctor applies a napkin to the treated area of the body, covered with protective gel. Applicator of the device captures fat fold with the help of vacuum.

The procedure is safe and comfortable.


One procedure lasting 60 minutes is enough to ensure a reduction in body fat in the treated area, on average, up to 25%.

Reduction of the subcutaneous fatty layer occurs gradually, therefore the first obvious results are estimated 2 months after the exposure.


  • Diseases of the skin;
  • lactation period, pregnancy;
  • obesity of 2 and 3 degrees;
  • hypersensitivity to cold procedures;
  • kidney failure, gallbladder and liver disease;
  • hormonotherapy;
  • disorders of the circulatory and endocrine system.

Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Treatment Bra Bulge

You can reduce the amount of fat in the problem area to 25% using CoolSculpting in one session. Also, after the procedure, no time is required for recovery – you can return to everyday life right after the procedure.

This cold therapy is especially gentle with respect to the body, as the body gradually and naturally removes the destroyed fat cells, providing visible results after 2 months.

CoolSculpting Treatment under arms

High-tech device CoolSculpting provides high-precision controlled cooling, directed directly at the destruction of fat cells (without affecting adjacent tissues, blood vessels, nerves) in different problem areas – on the abdomen, hips, sides, in the chin zone.

With the help of precisely adjusted temperature, the treated fat cells crystallize (freeze), as a result of which they decay. Over time, the split fats are processed in the course of metabolism, and dead cells are removed from the body.

Cryo Liposuction Bra Bulge

The number of fat cells in the body remains unchanged after reaching puberty. Diets and weight loss programs reduce the size of fat cells, but their number does not decrease.

Since the procedure CoolSculpting under arms removes fat cells for good, it is clinically proven that the results of the procedure are not only effective, but also durable, and if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle are stable.

CoolSculpting procedure description

The body and desires of each patient are unique. Before the procedure, an in-depth consultation is carried out, during which a general examination of the body is performed; in certain cases, a nutritionist is also invited to a consultation.

A personalized plan of procedures is prepared after finding out the desired result. Unlike other anti-fat treatments, the main purpose of which is to reduce the amount of fat, the client’s body is sculpted (given the desired shape).

Treating of one zone takes from 35 to 60 minutes, the client is conveniently sitting or lying down. During the procedure, depending on the treated area, we offer to watch TV, read a book or listen to music, in short, relax.

Lipo Freeze Bra Bulge

Before the procedure, the nozzle is connected to the device corresponding to the treated area and a gel pillow that adapts to the shape of the body. During the cold therapy, the nozzle is pressed against the treated area, using vacuum to suck the tissues of the problem area. The skin feels cool in the first minutes of the procedure.

All nozzles are equipped with a temperature control system that provides accurate and controlled cooling. This control system is patented and is used all over the world exclusively in CoolSculpting cooling equipment.

By clinical studies, scientists have established the temperature necessary for an effective and safe temperature as accurately as possible, as well as the duration of therapy.

It is important to note that other devices for anti-fat cold therapy are manually controlled, not providing safe and efficient device control by 100%, thus endangering the patient’s health or giving unsatisfactory results.

After therapy the physiotherapist 2-3 minutes does manual massage of deep tissues. It is proved that the immediate performance of the massage improves the results of coolsculpting therapy by 67%.

Immediately after the procedure, redness may appear, bruises, itching, decreased sensitivity in the treated area, but these symptoms disappear after a couple of days. Shortly after the procedure, the patients had pains in the deep layers of tissues, which disappeared within a couple of weeks.

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