Coolsculpting Upper Abdomen Before And After

Coolsculpting is a cosmetic procedure for controlling local fat deposits by using the hardware effect of low temperatures on fat cells.

Reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer is due to the destruction of the integrity of the membranes of fat cells, from which all of their content is released into the intercellular space and then removed in a natural way.

This cosmetology method allows you to get rid of fat where it is very difficult to affect it with the help of other procedures, diets and physical exercises: the inside of the arms of the hips, sides and upper and lower abdomen.

Unlike surgical methods of weight loss, cryolipolysis of upper abdomen is a minimally invasive, completely safe, has a minimum of contraindications and a stable result.

CoolSculpting Can Reach Stubborn Fat And Freeze It Away Without Any Invasive Methods

Indications for CoolSculpting

The main indications for cryolipolysis are local fat deposits. The procedure is effective for such zones as:

  1. upper abdomen;
  2. lower abdomen;
  3. sides;
  4. back;
  5. “Ears” on the hips;
  6. inner thighs;
  7. the knee area;
  8. the inside surface of the hands.

Positive results will be visible after the first session. The final effect can be seen only after 1 2 months – the fatty layer will decrease by 25-30%.

It is desirable to repeat the procedure 3-5 times.

CoolSculpting Procedure Reduces Stubborn Fat Safely And Effectively, Without Surgery Or Downtime

How is the procedure performed?

On average, the coolsculpting session lasts about an hour. Coolsculpting is performed using three nozzles (applicators) of different sizes.

Surface treatment with medical gel.

At the beginning of the procedure, the treated area of the body is lubricated with a special gel, which prevents damage to the upper layer of the epidermis. The same gel is used for ultrasonic studies.

Fixation of cooling applicators. Applicators are attached to gel-treated areas using fixing belts.

Further cooling of problem areas is carried out. Further, there is a gradual cooling when the temperature reaches from 0 to +4 degrees.

The temperature, exposure time and number of sessions are selected individually for initial consultation with a doctor.

By prolonged exposure to low temperatures, we achieve apoptosis (controlled process of programmed cell death). At the same time, the integrity of the cell membrane of adipocytes (fat cells) is disrupted and within 3-4 weeks the volumes of problem areas decrease.

What fat reduction treatment can I mix with CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting Is The Only FDA-cleared Procedure To Use Controlled Cooling To Safely Target And Reduce Diet

With reduced skin turgor, the doctor may prescribe RF-lifting before the procedure. It will help restore skin tone and elasticity. RF-lifting takes 20 minutes. It must always be remembered that the correction of the body shape requires an integrated approach.

It is necessary not only to destroy the subcutaneous fat, but also to remove it with lymphatic drainage massage, pressotherapy, bandage wrapping. It is often necessary to work with the skin condition. This will help the procedures aimed at lifting: RF-lifting, ozonotherapy, carboxytherapy.


  • individual cold intolerance (allergy);
  • impaired coagulation, or thrombosis;
  • acute skin diseases;
  • injuries and open injuries, as well as inflammatory, purulent processes in the area of treatment;
  • neuropathy;
  • oncology;
  • pacemakers;
  • hernia in the treated area.

Coolsculpting upper abdomen are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.