Coolsculpting Hips Before And After

Coolsculpting hips by Zeltiq is a procedure for creating ideal body contours with the help of cold without surgery. Just one procedure lasting 1 hour allows you to reduce the thickness of the fat fold from 25 to 40%! This method is great for getting rid of local fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs.


1. Safety: the procedure takes place without aggressive effect on the body
2. Effectively: it will help to remove from 25 to 40% of fat cells in the “problem zone”
3. Fast: the session lasts only 1 hour at this time you can read or relax
4. Coolsculpting by Zeltiq technology is protected by a number of patents.

Indications to Coolsculpting:

Coolsculpting For Slim Hips

  • Removal of unwanted body fat and correction of the body in the abdomen, sides, hips, back, thighs, buttocks, hands.
  • Correction of irregularities obtained as a result of unsuccessful liposuction or invasive lipolysis.
  • Ideal for those who do not want to suffer discomfort and risks associated with surgery.
  • The result of cryolipolysis is gradual, within a few months, which makes changes in the patient’s appearance more natural.

How is the Coolsculpting procedure performed?

Stage 1:

The physician evaluates the type of physique and its features, discusses the procedure in detail, determines the problem areas for the Zeltiq device and selects the nozzle of the desired configuration. Also at the first examination the doctor determines the number of procedures.

Stage 2:

Non-invasive Treatment That Eliminates Unwanted Fat From Hips

The doctor helps you to settle in the cosmetology chair. On the problem zone, a special gel napkin is applied, the gel penetrates into the skin, moisturizes and protects it, followed by the Zeltik nozzle.

Then, using a vacuum, a fat fold is sucked into the nozzle, which starts to cool gradually. So, the process of losing weight starts!

Stage 3:

At the beginning of treatment, the patient may feel a little cold in the place of the nozzle arrangement, then those feelings disappear and there comes a feeling of absolute comfort.

While Zeltiq device is working – you rest! During the session, you can read, watch movies, work on the computer.

Stage 4:

The cryolipolysis session lasts 1 hour. After that, the Zeltik nozzle is removed, the remnants of the gel are removed. There is a slight reddening in the treatment area, which, however, quickly disappears. Immediately after the session, the patient can return to his normal life without restrictions.