CoolAdvantage Before And After

Changing the structure of the body was considered impossible before the appearance of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. Today, it is one of the most advanced technologies for eliminating fat deposits and a real alternative to plastic surgery.

It is no accident that Zeltiq was bought by Allergan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aesthetic medicine for $ 2.5 billion.

Until recently, the revolutionary procedure was available only to the owners of pronounced fat deposits, which the vacuum nozzle could draw.

Everything has changed: for the first time the Beauty Institute introduces a new generation of Cool Advantage attachments that are suitable for all areas of the body, and the procedure time has been almost halved!

Briefly about the main thing:

A New Applicator For Coolsculpting That Provides Better Comfort

The procedure CoolSculpting Zeltiq allows you to remove excess fat in almost any zone: the second chin, arms, waist, abdomen, hips, etc.

The procedure CoolSculpting by Zeltiq with the help of new generation CoolAdvantage nozzles takes even less time – 35 minutes instead of 60 minutes, thanks to the revolutionary nozzle design and lower temperatures.

You can have the procedure even at lunchtime and then go back to work.

The procedure became available to patients even with small fat deposits in the abdomen, from the inside and outside of the thigh, in the knee area.

Large area of impact of the nozzles CoolAdvantage: innovative nozzle design provides a large cooling zone.

So, now in one procedure you can get the most pronounced effect. 45% of patients noted that the recovery period became more comfortable.

Cool Advantage Is Better Than Cool Sculpting

The advanced technology of cryolipolysis includes the application of precision marking, the use of specially designed templates, a special technique for conducting the procedure, in which there is a 50% overlap of the treated areas, as well as the mandatory alternation of the hardware effect with manual massage.

This approach allows you to create an individual correction program for each patient, making it maximally personalized, and at times to improve the effectiveness of the procedure.

But that’s not all. Coolsculpting can be performed simultaneously on two Zeltiq devices, which makes it possible to influence several zones in one session and reduce the procedure time exactly by 2 times!

What do you get from the procedure with CoolAdvantage:

Cooladvantage Applicators Photo

  1. A clear contour of the face without a second chin.
  2. Elegant knees without “fat pads”.
  3. Smooth bending of the thigh.
  4. Flat stomach, narrow waist.
  5. Beautiful back.
  6. And all this without pain, recovery and side effects.

Lose weight in the right places without liposuction was made possible thanks to the appearance of technology CoolSculpting by Zeltiq – Harvard scientists have shown that, energy metabolism in fat cells is disturbed at the biochemical level with a local decrease in temperature.As a result, cells die, are naturally removed from the body and are no longer restored.

The surrounding tissues, internal organs and vessels are not damaged in this case. In one procedure, the patient gets rid of 25% of the fat deposits in the treatment zone forever. Such a result could only be achieved with the help of a surgeon.