Cool Shaping Before And After

Fat deposits are the main enemy of the beauty of the female body.

The summer season has already come, vacation is just around the corner and what if the diet and sport do not cope with problem areas?

The main thing is not to give up, you can and must fight fat, because there are a lot of ways to do it! And one of the most effective is cool shaping!

It is interesting

This advanced method was developed in the US by Harvard scientists Rox Anderson and Dieter Manstein. After the completion of the active research phase from 2009 to 2012, the new technique began to be applied in aesthetic medicine.

The principle of action of Coolsculpting is based on natural processes and properties of body tissues. Fat deposits on all parts of the body are very sensitive to temperature minus five degrees.

Its effect on problem zones deprives the viability of special cells (antipocytes), which are responsible for the formation of adipose tissue.

Coolshaping Delivers Cryo-energy During The Treatment With Vacuum And LED Technologies

Thus, after the procedure, cells die and are eliminated from the body in a natural way, without harming your health.

Five reasons for choosing Cool Shaping:

The reason #1


The procedure is very effective for eliminating a large amount of excess adipose tissue. The effect is noticeable after the first session, it reaches a maximum about a month later. If the recommendations of a specialist are observed, the results will be stable.

The reason #2

Not traumatic

3max CoolShaping is not traumatic procedure, it does not violate the integrity of the skin, nerve endings, capillary, muscle. After the session there is no tissue death.

The reason #3


The procedure is relatively safe. All processes are controlled by the automatic device Cool Shaping, under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Coolshaping Offers Non-invasive Cryo Cooling To Reduce Fat Cells And Breaking Down The Fat

The reason #4


Cryolipolysis is painless, it does not require recovery and is well combined with other techniques.

The reason #5

Excellent result

The procedure will allow you to look stylish and modern. You will surprise your friends and be a mystery to your Prince!

How we do it:

First, you will be examined and advised by our specialist for contraindications and the appointment of a course of treatment.

Coolshaping Offers The Most Advanced Body Slimming Solution By The Integrated Technology

During the session, the problem area is covered with a gel antifreeze cloth that protects the skin from hypothermia and ensures uniform lipolysis.

The procedure is performed using the CoolShaping device. In a special nozzle, using a vacuum, the fat fold is drawn.

The contact area is cooled. Duration of the procedure is about 60 minutes. At this time we cover you with a rug, you can sleep, or just talk on the phone.

After the end of the session, a slight reddening and slight tingling are observed at the site of exposure, as sometimes happens after coming from a frost into a warm room.

Limitations of physical activity you will not feel …

The procedure of cryolipolysis by CoolShaping device will allow you to be slim and fashionable, you will feel confident and comfortable!