Fat Freezing Technology

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Spectacular Results with no downtime

Non-invasive body contouring

Results seen from 4 weeks!

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CoolTech Technology

Non-invasive body contouring

The phenomenon of CoolTech fat freezing is spectacular!

"The phenomenom of CoolTech fat freezing is spectacular! Finally, it is possible to lose fat without surgery or exercise with clinical studies showing that just a single 1 hour session can reduce the number of fat cells by up to 25%!"

Why Choose Fat Freezing?

Non Invasive treatment

Being totally non-invasive, this means there are no needles, scalpels or incisions required. Furthermore there is no need for anaesthesia or pain medications and effectively there is no down or recovery time.

Fully Approved

CoolTech® is fully approved for medical use in Europe for fat freezing and has been awarded CE-Medical mark.

Quick Treatments

Cooltech uses Cryo-technology to freeze fat cells while protecting your skin and other tissues. When a fat cell is frozen it dies and has to be excreted away by the body. Clinical tests have shown that fat freezing can reduce the thickness of fat in a treated area by up to 45%!

Fast Results

You will be able to go home straight away afterwards and look forward to the new slimmer you in about 4 weeks.